MYSL – FC Milpitas Competitive Players

New teams are being formed.  Coaches of returning teams are looking for players for their Spring and Fall 24 teams. 

Age GroupDate of Birth
U8BORN IN 2016
U9BORN IN 2015
U10BORN IN 2014
U11BORN IN 2013
U12BORN IN 2012
U13BORN IN 2011
U14BORN IN 2010
U15BORN IN 2009
U16BORN IN 2008
U17BORN IN 2007

Teams play all year round in the Cal North Competitive Soccer League (CCSL) begins on March 16, 2024, and will end on May 19, 2024. 

For more information: 

Contact BJ Navarro, MYSL Competitive Director @ [email protected]

Year BornTeam Name
FC Milpitas NAME YR
U8G2016FC Milpitas Storm 16Jackie Garcia
U8B2016FC Milpitas Inferno 16Renee Kusters
U9G2015FC Milpitas Wildcats 15Qi Zuo
U9B2015FC Milpitas Ajax 15Mike Rice
U10B2014FC Milpitas Blaze 14Santino Fortes
U10B2014FC Milpitas Flash 14Santino Fortes
U10G2014FC Milpitas Cheetahs 14Minh Lien
U11B2013FC Milpitas Panthers 13Lupe Soria
U11B2013FC Milpitas Thunder 13Mark Navarro
U11G2013FC Milpitas Tigers 13Minh Lien
U12G2012FC Milpitas Jaguar 12Minh Lien
U12B2012FC Milpitas Falcons 12Lawrence Younan
U13B2011FC Milpitas Lightning 11Santino Fortes
U13G2011FC Milpitas Pumas 11Ken Bada
U15B2009FC Milpitas Vikings 09Mohamad Esmail
U15G2009FC Milpitas Waves 09Lawrence Younan
U16B2008FC Milpitas Crushers 08James Kusters
U17G2007FC Milpitas Huskies 07Ken Bada
U18G2006FC Milpitas Barca 06Mike Rice